I know they buy votes with my tax money — but it’s not usually so blatant!


President Biden has been trying to forgive student debt for some time now.

Courts have forbidden it.  Taxpayers raise the roof.  But for some reason he thinks deadbeats are a vital voting block for him.

Now he’s at it again — Is this the third or fourth time?

And it’s not like the money was appropriated by the Congress.  He just decides to dig around and find it.

His leftist allies love it — they say it will boost the economy.  And allow these poor, downtrodden, gender studies majors to buy cars and houses.

Instead of paying their debts!

I paid for my kids to go to college.  It hurt at the time — a lot.  And they both went to state universities and got worthwhile degrees (and jobs).

With no debt.

I have no idea why I should have to pay for the education of somebody else’s kids as well.

But Joe thinks so.  It’s only fair…

But that money has to come from somewhere.  From my tax dollars.  Or from the tax dollars of the electrician down the block (who didn’t go to college and rack up debt he can’t pay now).

And even then, some of these deadbeats are out-and-out refusing to pay.

I know I’m a bit old-fashioned about this.  But if you take out a loan, it’s on you to pay it back.  Not transfer the debt to me and other productive members of society.

Where does Biden get off passing this off on to the rest of us?