Gates doubling down on vaccines with new method of delivery


While Dr. Peter McCullough is warning: “All messenger RNA are very dangerous, because they will cause heart damage. We should have a global call to halt all messenger RNA development. And we should also have a global call to halt all gain of function research. We should be on alert of the concept of Disease X that the WEF and Gates Foundation are promoting. It is a futuristic disease that is trying to be developed in labs in order to make vaccines“,

Bill Gates is saying: “India is making progress; we pilot a lot of these new ideas there and then scale them up to the entire world“. 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $23.6 million to U.S.-based life science company Micron Biomedical to fund the first ever mass production of needle-free vaccine technology, which works by delivering vaccines via dissolvable micro-needles attached to the skin on a patch.