Trump defeats Haley in NH primary – Keeps marching on

AF Branco – Pattonesque

Last night the New Hampshire GOP primary was emphatically won by former President Trump. He now turns his attention to the next battle in the home state of his only remaining opponent, Nikki Hayley, a form governor of the South Carolina, who refused to suspend her campaign and will carry on opposing Trump.

She said: “There are dozens of states left to go… and the next one is my sweet state of South Carolina.” The polls suggest she will fail there as well but what’s for certain is the MAGA war machine is set to roll out across the country and Trump is hellbent on victory. 

In actual fact, next up are the Nevada and Virgin Islands caucuses on Feb. 8th. The Nevada primary will be held on Feb 6th — though no convention delegates are awarded. The Republican party-administered caucus will be held on February 8th in Nevada , with the convention delegates the prize. The South Carolina primary will be held on February 24th.

The results

The New Hampshire final result was interesting. Trump is the first non-incumbent GOP candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

With 91 per cent of the vote counted on Wednesday morning, Trump was leading Haley in the Granite State by 54.6 per cent to 43.2 per cent, roughly in line with the 11 percentage point gap estimated by the final opinion polls before the primary. He broke the record for the number of votes cast–Republican or Democrat–in a NH primary.

However, it should be observed that ultra-liberal Hanover, NH which had just 841 Republican votes in the 2020 general election last night counted 1,472 votes for Haley.

This is an obvious sign of Democrat election interference, enabled by an open-primary system that allows voters to switch allegiance to head-fake the party they won’t support in the General Election. 

Joe Biden did not appear on Democratic ballot papers following a feud with organisers, but a write-in campaign ensured his victory in the symbolic Democratic primary in the state, defeating longshot challenger Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., who was on the ballot.