“Victim” E.Jean Carroll laughingly offers Rachel Maddow huge gift


Bringing a man’s name into disrepute is just a game to these vile swamp creatures.

For an event she can’t remember, in clothing that hadn’t yet been made, on a date she can’t specify, this vacuous, trivial, insane woman is living large in the spotlight she so desires. In this outrageous gloating clip even her lawyer realizes how far gone she is. This clip will be used in the appeal to demonstrate how unserious she is about this whole case. Her lawyer knew it instantly and must have regretted letting her take to the airwaves to gloat.

For many reasons, not least this performance, she will never see a cent of the massive, revengeful damages awarded by a Trump-hating jury under a Trump-hating judge. And through her superficiality she has blighted the just cause of truly-hurt women everywhere.