As California goes…


So many of the really terrible ideas floating around in our country originate in California.

Whacko environmental rules.  Electric vehicle mandates.  Outlawing independent contractors.  And so much more.

Now they have a new one…

And if they can monitor and mandate the speed of your vehicle, how long do you think before they do even more.

Did you drive too far last week?  Engine shutoff to save the environment.

Use too much gas?  Fuel cap won’t open.

Driving alone?  Engine cutoff until you add passengers.

One of the immutable rules is:  If the government can, it will.  Constitution and commonsense be darned.  They will do whatever they feel will best accomplish the regime will this month.

And you’re out of luck.

Don’t ever let them take an inch.  It will shortly turn into a mile.