Funny how we were talking about Fetterman and then find this out


So, a few days ago we mentioned that Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania seemed to have changed, for the better, and is no longer a mumbling colossus bumbling through Congress. We wondered if his recent mental health treatment had helped and noted that his wife hasn’t been seen much lately. Remember, she took over campaigning when he was unwell and looked as if she had political aspirations of her own, unsurprising as she is a hard-left activist. She also went on vacation while he was in hospital.

Right on cue…

Senator John Fetterman’s wife has Gisele deleted all pictures with him on social media and her accounts on both Instagram and X.

However, despite the theories it appears she’s just taking a break from social media. She doesn’t like “being the spouse”. On November 17, Barreto Fetterman said in an X post that she was “3 weeks into a social media break that may last another month or forever. PS. treating someone as simply someone’s spouse is insulting and minimizing. PSS. did you know male spouses don’t get treated this way? PSSS. no more cute animal pics for you.”

And this week, this: