M is for Morons – and White House Media Team


Unlike Donald Trump, the current president is incapable of handling his own social media posts. He leaves it to his lackeys. In this case we suspect it’s an emo intern on a snowflake degree course like LGBTQ+ studies or Social Justice and Human Rights because Dear Lord, it’s pathetic! Retweeting Elmo while we’re facing off with China, Iran and Russia as well as failing to convince the public that you’re in control of our own border is facile and symptomatic of a regime that lacks any adult supervision.

And as for this shameful performance…

The three soldiers who were killed in Jordan weren’t “fighting on behalf of this administration.” Our troops fight for our country, for our freedom, and for our way of life. These diversity hires should be selected for brains, patriotism and eloquence, not their sexuality or race.