Is the CIA hunting for this incriminating binder that proves the Russia Hoax and the Get Trump conspiracy?

Breaking News: Top Secret CIA Binder is missing! If Trump has this binder then it could be game over for the globalists. Speculation mounts that the Five Eyes intelligence network (Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and USA) was illegally mobilized to attack Trump and his allies.

JESSE WATTERS TRANSCRIPT: According to this report Obama’s CIA director John Brennan asked our English-speaking allies to target the Trump campaign. Handing these foreign intelligence agencies a target list of 26 Trump associates. These 26 Trump associates were to be bumped, meaning they would be approached by assets, “bumped into”. And these interactions and relationships would be reported to the FBI as suspicious. These were people the CIA considered easy marks like George Papadopoulos, a 20-year-old. 

Foreign spies didn’t discover evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and turned it over to the Feds. Foreign spies were assigned by Obama’s CIA to create a false impression of collusion, to trigger an FBI counterintelligence investigation. Obama’s CIA worked with Hillary’s foreign agents in London to hatch the hoax which led to the FBI investigation, the illegal wiretapping, the Mike Flynn sting. And when Trump got wind of it, the Comey firing. Then Comey leaks the memos which triggered the Muller investigation. The Muller investigation was designed to cover up for Obama and Hillary and tee-up impeachment. 

It failed on impeachment, but the cover-up worked. Until now.

New reporting by Matt and Michael revealed that House investigators had discovered the root causes, but their investigation and all of their documents were confined to secure rooms in Langley. When Trump was leaving office in those hectic final days, he attempted to declassify this material which started a battle between former CIA director Gina hospital, the Department of Justice and the National Archives.

The report says someone may have taken this binder of material exposing the entire intelligence community out of Langley. And it may have been what the FBI was looking for when they raided Mar-a-Lago. Others say that is not true. But the point remains.

The Obama Biden White House, their CIA and FBI director launched an illegal preemptive war against democracy, got caught, and have been covering it up for eight years.

Shellenberger and Taibbi also said redacted FOIA documents suggested that Biden has been conspiring against Donald Trump with the intelligence committee to prosecute the former president in federal court. Which would be an impeachable offense.

A new bombshell report by Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger shows that the Obama Administration intelligence agencies used their foreign counterparts to spy on the Trump campaign and its personnel. Why? They wanted the dirt on Trump, but it would have been illegal for the CIA to do the spying.