“Karen” in Mass. takes in aliens – Gets “Personal Chef”.

Probably well-intentioned, this woman’s hospitality comes over as a patronizing example of white privilege. The internet wasn’t kind to the reference about having a “personal chef” and referenced indentured servitude and slavery but actually we don’t see it as that. These people are living in her home so it’s only fair she gets her dinner cooked for her. After all, they hope to open a restaurant.

In fairness, these are the entrepreneurs we need in the United States. They appear to have the correct documentation (fast-tracked which is the Government’s fault not theirs) and want their shot at the American Dream. We wish them well. We are opposed to the government’s laxity which permits illegal immigrants, welfare queens, terrorists and criminals to enter the country. We support decent people prepared to make their own way over here.

This is all happening in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts where space for the aliens being sent from the border is rapidly running out. So much so that the governor is begging people like Lisa in this video to take them in. The state has launched a one-year pilot program aimed at helping to help 400 migrant families find housing using $8 million from the supplemental budget.

And while the news channel example looks like a pretty neat set-up for both parties, we do anticipate a headline where the “migrants” are so culturally at odds with their hosts that it causes problems, or God forbid, actual harm.