The Last Straw? WEF is coming for our pets

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The Globalist Agenda Unleashed: Klaus Schwab is coming for your pets. He wants to decarbonise them.

Beneath the veneer of environmental stewardship, a more sinister agenda unfolds, orchestrated by globalist powers that threaten to upend the very fabric of our personal freedoms.

The draconian measures being proposed and enacted under the guise of reaching ‘Net Zero’ are but the harbinger of a grim future, where the overreach of a globalist government knows no bounds.

The seemingly innocuous push towards decarbonization masks a deeper, more alarming intent to intrude into the most intimate aspects of our lives, including the right to own pets.

In Sussex, UK for instance, the absurdity of banning dogs from parks, a move not prompted by public demand or necessity, signals the onset of a chilling reality where the companionship of pets is deemed a luxury we can no longer afford in the face of environmental imperatives.

This policy, devoid of any genuine connection to the well-being of constituents, especially the elderly, is a stark reminder of the lengths to which these globalist agendas will go to exert control.

The situation in Colorado further illustrates this encroaching dystopia, where a proposed tax on pet ownership under the pretense of emergency preparedness was unveiled as nothing short of an extortion scheme. The outcry that led to its shelving did little to deter the overarching mission to phase out pet ownership, all in the name of combating climate change.

Moreover, the audacious proposal by a council member in Bournemouth, UK to ban medium to large dogs, equating their carbon emissions to that of an SUV, epitomizes the absurdity of these measures. The suggestion that pets consume an undue share of the world’s resources, and therefore should be ‘scaled down’ or circulated among families and friends, is a grim foreshadowing of the lengths to which these policies may extend.

These developments are not isolated incidents but a coordinated effort to impose a radical environmental agenda that threatens to sever the bonds between humans and their pets, undermining the nuanced balance of ecological stewardship and personal freedom.

As these policies gain traction, they pave the way for a globalist government that seeks to dictate every aspect of our lives under the guise of environmental conservation. The time to sound the alarm and resist this encroachment is now, before the cherished freedoms we take for granted are irrevocably lost in the shadow of a dystopian future.

Its time to resist.

Its time to get on board!

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If they make this sh*t stick in the UK they can push it anywhere – Bugs for dogs.

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