Why is she staying in the fight?

All things considered, is the only explanation for Nikki’s insistence on staying in the race that she knows the fix is in, same as 2020?

Nikki Haley has given several reasons for staying in the race for the Republican nomination, including her belief that the race is not over, her refusal to quit, her desire to provide an alternative to Donald Trump, and her desire to continue to fight for her policies and ideas, but they aren’t standing up to the groundswell of support for Donald Trump. She could be right that Trump could not win a general election but he sure as heck is winning the nomination. Trump’s campaign focused on key issues, such as immigration, trade, and the economy, resonated with many South Carolina voters.

Final scores

She was demolished in her own home state where she was a governor in Saturday’s primary against Donald Trump. Yet she says she still staying in the race.

AF Branco: