Guess where the illegal immigrant in the GA murder had been arrested before?

Hmmm, how many times do we have to do this before we secure the border?

Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal immigrant, was arrested at the US-Mexico border in September 2022 and released despite having a criminal history. He then moved to New York City, a sanctuary city, where he was arrested again for acting in a manner to injure a child and a motor vehicle license.

Following his arrest in NYC, NYPD released Ibarra before ICE could issue a detainer to process him for deportation.

The release of Ibarra from ICE and NYPD custody due to a catch and release policy highlights the harmful consequences of the Biden administration’s reckless immigration policies. If more prompt action had been taken after Ibarra’s arrest in NYC, the murder of Laken Riley could have been prevented.

This absurd reality was not lost on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who criticized the Biden administration’s border security on X. (Yes, that Governor. Kemp blames the disastrous border on the fact that Republicans didn’t “win” the 2020 election. It is alleged by many he could have done much more to address that since he has steadfastly hindered investigations into the change in Democrat votes following the “unexpected water valve” incident during the night.)

The Biden administration’s approach to immigration policy has been a series of failures, as exemplified by the case of Jose Antonio Ibarra. From border security to vetting illegal immigrants for potential dangers, the system has been broken at every level. This is further highlighted by the media’s deflection of these issues, as seen in an AP article that trivializes the murder of Laken Riley, an Athens resident. Instead of focusing on the systemic failures that led to her death, the article uses her tragic end to examine the “fears of solo female athletes.”

Moreover, the suspect, Ibarra, is referred to simply as an “Athens resident” without any mention of his immigration status. This callousness underscores the leftist media’s love of illegal immigrants over Americans.

And suggesting that a woman running alone is asking to be attacked is like saying a woman dressed in skimpy clothing is asking to be raped. Those days are behind us. Personal responsibility rests with the perpetrator. National responsibility rests with the government and the Biden Administration which have failed us – yet again.