Amazing interactive tool allows you to check where your tax dollars go, how much Gov earns, spends, wastes!

We just received this letter from our friends at They have just launched the most amazing online search tool that makes government spending transparent, even down to employees’ salaries.

Dear friends,

Thanks to your incredible support over the past few weeks, we are thrilled to announce that we raised $100,000 from you to launch “Benjamin” our brand new Chatbot search tool.  

And today… thanks to the hundreds of donations we received, we are proud to finally and officially launch Benjamin on our website. 

We couldn’t have done it without your generosity. Thank you.This is a BIG deal!

We think Benjamin the Chatbot is THE MOST IMPORTANT innovation in the history of U.S. public policy. Our groundbreaking search tool answers the burning question Americans have been asking since 1789: “what the heck is my government up to?”.

How do I use Benjamin?
First –  head to and look for the blue button in the right hand corner. Then after “BENJAMIN THE CHATBOT” pops up, simply enter a keyword or public employee name in the pop-up search tool that appears at

Within seconds, nearly the entire government payroll and vendor checkbook – federal, state, and local – is available at your fingertips.Thanks to our generous supporters, Benjamin is now available – at no cost – to all Americans. 

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said of America: “It’s a republic if you can keep it.” This requires each of us to hold politicians accountable – and our new tool arms you with all the data you need to do just that!

Thank you and onward,
Adam Andrzejewski 

Thomas W. Smith

In case you missed it and want to support the transparency revolution, you can help us keep the momentum with your online gift.