Trump savages Republican over damaging act

Representative Mike Gallagher (WI) announced last month that he will quit the House of Representatives in April. Gallagher, who is currently serving as the chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, last month also announced that he will not seek reelection.

Instead of serving out the rest of his term, Gallagher will retire early leaving the GOP with a one-vote majority, a fact that is not going down well in the party. Had he gone immediately a special runofff election would have been called. Because of the delay, the seat remains empty until the November elections – and therefore until January 2025. The worry is that should Trump win, the Democrats will somehow have the numbers to refuse to accept the Electoral College’s numbers and deny him the presidency. Not to mention all the pandering, bribing and spending they can make happen before the elections.

This moment gives us pause to reflect that the GOP threw out one of its own when it expelled George Santos (can you imagine the Democrats doing that?). Some believe Gallagher and Buck have been bribed or blackmailed. How many more members are vulnerable to such pressures? Politicians are not usually the most upright people.

Can you say Speaker Hakeem Jeffries?

Trump is pissed.