Biden mocked for yet another gaffe!

President Joe Biden should be “impeached and imprisoned” for pledging to direct funds to Bursima Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that employed Hunter Biden, former White House stenographer Mike McCormick reported in a new book.

Joe Biden played a role in the family’s foreign influence-peddling “conspiracy” in Ukraine, Townhall’s Rachel Alexander reported based on excerpts of McCormick’s bookThe Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden:

McCormick became aware of the criminal nature of the activity after poring over the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which allowed him to put it all together. “When I worked for him, I thought Joe was harmless — egotistical, buffoonish, and unpresidential, but harmless,” he said. “Now I think of him as an evil criminal who should be impeached and imprisoned.” McCormick served as Biden’s stenographer when he was vice president from 2011 to 2017, transcribing every speech and interview.

He said he personally witnessed Biden negotiate the Burisma kickback scheme — U.S. funding to Ukrainian energy, primarily Burisma, in exchange for putting Hunter Biden on Burisma’s board of directors — on a trip to Poland in 2014. He came to a lot of conclusions that other reporters haven’t figured out, due to his unique position and intensive study of this issue.

Biden’s former national security aide, Jake Sullivan, is at the center of the scandal, according to McCormick, as Breitbart News recently reported. Sullivan, McCormick recalled, told reporters on April 21, 2014, on Air Force Two as an anonymous “senior administration official,” that the United States intended to help Ukraine’s natural gas industry.

McCormick said the “evidence of the crime” was right there in the briefing, “right when Sullivan declares that Joe’s U.S. taxpayer-supported energy assistance for all of Ukraine will be directed to ‘extract unconventional gas resources’ and support ‘energy efficiency.’” He pointed out how Sullivan cleverly altered the wording from “shale gas” to “unconventional gas resources” to disguise it. Burisma was only one of a handful of Ukrainian companies with a license for fracking at that time.

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