Election malarky recent round-up

  1. Emails from Dominion which prove that the voting machines were in fact online during the 2020 election and that said voting machines were accessed by Serbian nationals.

2. MUST WATCH.Brookings County SD begrudgingly allowed “election denier” Rick Weible five minutes to voice his concerns on election software being used. It only took him four to drive a truck through their illusions of what they thought was a secure system, exposing passwords, viruses and other vulnerabilities.

3. Triple counted in Georgia!

4. Bill Barr blocked the the fraudulent-election investigations. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer was ordered TO STAND DOWN!

5. Dawn N. Ison: Department of Justice Assistant U.S. Attorney | public corruption unit, “We received this complaint. This allegation, and accompanying photos, is alarming. I would like the FBI to look into this please.” And there’s more in Michigan.