Iran downplays Israel’s Birthday attack

Iran has indicated it has no plans for retaliation as it played down a strike by Israel after Tehran’s unprecedented missile-and-drone assault on the country at the weekend.

Israel does not routinely confirm its military actions, a fact which is helping the Iranian’s play down last night’s drone bombings across the country. The limited scale of the attack and Iran’s low-key response suggested frantic diplomatic efforts to avert an all-out war between the long-standing enemies had been successful. Israel sent the message to Iran, Syria and Iraq (all subjects of last night’s drone attacks) that they could infiltrate their countries, but on this occasion chose not to. Iranian downplaying of the attack implies they don’t want further escalation either. Their mockery of the attack (The meme says Iranian Response – Israeli response).

This downplaying of Israel’s very smart and very strategic attack by the tyrannical Iranian regime may signal Iran’s growing internal unease from their own population of freedom loving citizens who may attempt to overthrow their brutal regime. Humans reach a threshold of pain and eventually break…and the Iranian dictators know it. (Gen. Mike Flynn)

The US told a meeting of G7 ministers on Friday that it had been “informed at the last minute” by Israel about the attack, which coincided with the birthday of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Could there be an uprising?