‘Nitrogen Crisis’ Is Latest Scam to Steal Agricultural Land & Implement Globalist Agenda

Dutch political pundit Eva Vlaardingerbroek has previously joined farmers on a tractor in Germany to rail against “the global elites waging a war against the hard-working people who put food on our tables”.

In an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson last year, Vlaardingerbroek pushed claimed that groups like the World Economic Forum are trying to make Dutch people eat bugs by cracking down on farms and opening insect factories. The YouTube clip – titled “Politicians know when they control the food, they control the people: Activist” – has been viewed more than half a million times. “We don’t want to be eating insects, we want our steak,” she said.

Now she is fighting the so-called “nitrogen crisis” legislation which is threatening to destroy the farming and agricultural heritage of Holland. Dutch farmers have rolled out their tractors in protest but the eco-nuts are currently winning this battle, no doubt funded by the anti-human billionaires who control the environmental wing of the progressive agenda.