Treasury says Iranian $$$ are not used for humanitarian aid

While the Biden administration is being blasted for allowing billions of dollars to allegedly flow into Iran under a controversial sanctions waiver — even after Iranian-backed rebels launched deadly air strikes against American forces and the Muslim country just directly attacked staunch US ally Israel, the Treasury Department confirms that all Iranian dollars are spent on military projects.

Last month, the White House extended the waiver, a move that unlocked up to $10 billion more in frozen funds by enabling Iraq to pay the Iranian government for electricity services, according to critics and the Washington Free Beacon.

Yet last week the Treasury Department admitted that any funds sent to Iran directly go toward funding “violent” activities of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps “before it’s ever used for their people and humanitarian aid.”

Sen. Tim Scott is now demanding answers from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, after Deputy Secretary Adewale Adeyemo testified about Iran’s use of humanitarian aid before the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

Adeyemo testified in response to questions from Scott, R-S.C., about the “fungible nature of so-called humanitarian assistance.”

“What we’ve seen time and time from the Iranian regime, is that they fail to feed their people and they put the IRGC first,” Adeyemo said. “Any dollar they have will go towards violent activity before they deal with their people.”