Storm clouds over “hush money” show trial as key witness makes Trump’s case

The show trial farce in New York, directed by famous Trump-hater Judge Merchan entered a calamitous phase for the prosecution yesterday when 45 year old sex worker, Stormy Daniels testified. Remember, this case is about business records, at least it is if you believe the indictment. Yesterday, it was a salacious trip back in time – at least in Daniels’ memory. She has previously claimed there was no sex. As a famous germaphobe, it’s hard to imagine Trump having sex with this woman, and unimaginable that he would do so without a condom. And let’s not forget, she signed that she had never had sex with Trump.

However, the judge allowed a day of salacious testimony, before even he had enough. The Trump defense smashed through Stormy’s testimony and by all accounts, the jury will not have been swayed by this money-grubbing grifter.

These was some information the defense later called “prejudicial” to the jury. They asked for a mistrial because there was no other way the court could “unring this bell.” The only reason for asking some of those questions, defense attorney Todd Blanche said, was to “inflame the jury.” Any other judge would have called for a mistrial but this is DA Bragg’s big push for a reward from the next Biden Administration and he and the Judge are sticking with this until they can go no further.