GIGO: Climate data challenged – again

Garbage in – Garbage out is an old computer programming expression. It works for climate data, too.

The UK is leading the way

Nearly one in three (29.2%) U.K. Met Office temperature measuring stations have an internationally-defined margin of error of up to 5°C. Another 48.7% of the total 380 stations could produce errors up to 2°C, meaning nearly eight out of ten stations (77.9%) are producing ‘junk’ or ‘near junk’ readings of surface air temperatures. Arguably, on no scientific basis should these figures be used for the Met Office’s constant promotion of the collectivist Net Zero project. Nevertheless, the state-funded operation frequently uses them to report and often catastrophise rises in temperature of as little as 0.01°C.

Tonga eruption

“We’re actually in a carbon dioxide drought… We’re down to about 430 parts per million, and plants start to die at 150 parts per million.”

“Screw it – Let’s just ignore the data”