Congressman Wesley Hunt Reveals Jaw-Dropping Trump Story

Rep. Byron Donalds and Rep. Wesley Hunt compared President Biden and President Trump on “The Sage Steele Show.” Then Rep. Hunt told an amazing story.

REP. BYRON DONALDS: We have lost seven United States embassies under [Biden’s] presidency. We have embassies all over the world in every country. That is essentially sovereign American soil. Under his watch, we have had to evacuate seven United States embassies. That has never happened in American history. Never. That’s how weak we are on the world stage. That’s how bad it is.

When you are weak, and our adversaries know you are weak, they push you. It is no different than a bully in the schoolyard. If you’re timid, and a bully knows he can get away with it, what happens? He comes for your lunch money every day. Until you punch back.

We have been weak under Joe Biden, and so our adversaries around the globe, big and small, know that they can push us.

REP. WESLEY HUNT: When we were negotiating with the Taliban, when President Trump was still the president, President Trump wanted to get out of Afghanistan, but he wanted a conditions-based withdrawal, meaning you do what we tell; you to do and we will start pulling troops back slowly, as long as you abide by our rules.

President Trump and Mike Pompeo were talking to Taliban leadership in the room, and they had one translator. President Trump looked at the Taliban leader and said this, “I want to leave Afghanistan, but it is going to be a conditions-based withdrawal.” And the translator translated. And he said, “If you harm a hair on a single American, I’m going to kill you.”

And the translator goes [whoa]. And Trump goes, “Tell him what I said.”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a satellite photo of the leader of the Taliban’s home, and handed it to him, got up, and walked outta the room.

Do you know, for 18 months, not a single American was killed in Afghanistan? That’s the definition of strength. That’s what I’m talking about. And so, you can imagine that kind of sentiment around the world.

If we have an embassy in another country, no one’s gonna touch it because they are going to be fearful that they will get a MOAB on their head. That’s how President Trump rolls.

This is the opposite of strength, this is the definition of weakness. And so now, we’re being feasted upon by other countries when our embassies are there because the Americans aren’t gonna do anything about it, and they don’t want us there anyway. But the point of us having an embassy there, and the point of us having sovereign American soil is to be able to keep an eye on the world. To have that presence. But you can’t have that presence when you have feckless leadership.

The entire interview is a class act from start to finish.