How to maintain your sink drains

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In sinks or tubs where hair is washed, use a plastic or metal “hair catcher” or screen to catch hair before it
gets into the drain.

Do not pour grease down kitchen drains; pour liquid grease from cooking into empty tin cans and set in
refrigerator until solidified; put can into tightly closed plastic bag, wrap in newspapers, and put into
trash bag.

To keep kitchen drains clear, flush daily with scalding water. For grease buildup, dissolve 1 pound
washing soda in 3 gallons of boiling water and pour down the drain. To avoid burns from boiling water, hold water
container close to drain and pour slowly and directly into drain. For heavy grease buildup, use a commercial
drain opener.

Periodic use of a drain cleaner will prevent accumulations in the pipe. Be sure to read and follow
directions on the container. Do not have your head over the drain when you pour the cleaner into the drain. The
violent reaction of the cleaner in water can blow up in your face.

Drain cleaners are very hazardous so be very careful when using them.