The Swiss Army Knife Camping Trailer

This is an Australia trailer (UEV-440) made to very high standards to withstand the continent’s tough terrain. Although some bits look flimsy, don’t be deceived. This trailer is super durable. And it comes ergonomically equipped with fitted utensils. The diesel engine heats the water (42 gallons capacity) and there’s a big fridge and pantry. Made by Conqueror of Australia who are famous for their ‘tough, go anywhere’ off-road camper trailers, we think it would work pretty well here in the States.

As the advertisement says, this is perfect for “glampers”, that’s people who like glamorous camping with all the bells and whistles. Of course, as well as exploring, it would be a great bug-out addition for anyone with a tow-hitch.

Traveling cross-country is an adventurer’s dream but it often means you have to adjust to fewer comforts. Conqueror Australia has broken that myth with a camper trailer that features almost everything a regular home has. The UEV- 440 is compact, extremely versatile and packs everything from wine glasses to a flat-screen TV.
UEV stands for Urban Escape Vehicle and the UEV- 440 looks like it can reach the most remote areas of the planet. It has a small kitchen with a two-burner stove and a double sink, and compartments for storing everything a kitchen needs. With luxuries such as the diesel hot water system, interior heating, air-conditioning, microwave, shower, fridge and even a DVD player, the UEV-440 is a dream come true for off-road ‘glampers’.
With rock-solid construction and CNC-manufactured powder-coated body parts, the
UEV-440 combines flexibility and strength and can easily be transformed from a vehicle crashing through the wilderness to a quiet retreat. To top it all, a fan pressurizes the interior ensuring your vehicle is dust-free on arrival.
With its hard roof, sides and floor and the ability to sleep up to 4 people off the ground, the flexible interior layout makes it ideal for both couples and families. With the maneuverability and capability of both a camper trailer as well as caravan, it is not surprising the UEV-440’s Youtube video has been seen by more than 25 million viewers earning itself the nickname “Jack of all trades”.