An Interview with Matthew Tyrmand – Investigative Journalist, Political Activist, Friend

Matthew Tyrmand did an interview with Chronicles, a magazine his father founded, to discuss his work and thoughts about the future of America after the 2020 election. You may recognize his name as we often run data from his project which identifies and itemizes the most egregious misuses of government spending.

Matthew is also involved with Project Veritas, the organization responsible for sending in undercover journalists to expose the lies of the left. As a reporter he also reported on the Hunter Biden Russian corruption scandal hushed up by the MSM and the Biden crime family’s lackeys.

I know and like Matthew. He’s smart, brave, kind and generous. But even more I respect his insight. He comes by it naturally. He is the son of Chronicles Founding Editor Leopold Tyrmand—the anti-Communist, Polish ex-patriot writer who survived much of WWII as a Jew living in plain sight under the Germans only to be captured in Norway and sent to a concentration camp as he was trying to escape to France.

Articles about Matthew are usually in Polish so it’s a rare opportunity to see a great piece in English. Here Chronicles talks to him about the political world in general, the recent scandals and the path for conservatives going forward. It’s a great interview and I hope you’ll click through to read it. I don’t usually direct traffic to other places but I strongly encourage you to read this as we prepare for our immediate future.

Read it here. Chronicles

Image: Read more here. Chronicles