Doubt We Need Armed Police? Check this out!

This is from my eloquent friend Mitch Baxter:

People who complain about the police shooting people armed with blades, whether their complaint is that the police didn’t use a taser instead, didn’t shoot the person in the leg, or “only” needed to shoot the person once, need to watch this video, and also need to STFU about something they’re ridiculously ignorant about.

An officer shot this machete-wielding armed-robber turned carjacker several times at close range, but the violent college-bound, choir-singing felon was still able to run at him, and was standing over the fallen cop when other officers finally downed him with multiple shots.If there’s someone running around with a knife or machete, I want the police to put as many rounds as necessary into the attacker’s torso to end the threat as quickly as possible. As the article in the comments shows, they tried using tasers and beanbags first.

When an armed attacker has already committed two felonies, I won’t lose any sleep if the police smoke him to prevent him from getting away and endangering others as he flees. The faster he’s dead, the safer everyone else is.

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