Cold, hard facts


The Tweet below is a massive data dump which seeks to reassure us that the virus is hardly any threat at all to young people. And really, only a big problem for older people with co-morbidities.

The walls are closing in on people who chose not to take the vaccine. Traditional propaganda techniques are on full display: shame, bullying, peer pressure, celebrity endorsement, bribery, curtailment of freedoms, the full nine yards.

Sad fact is, the vaccines have not proven themselves to be quite the solution we thought they would be. Covid cases are on the rise, often amongst people who have received two doses. In a sensible universe we would be examining all other protocols, remedies and options. But here in cray CDC town we have doubled down and adults will shortly be instructed to get a booster and young children will be forced to be vaccinated against something they have an almost 100% chance of surviving.

So this guy decided to look at the CDC’s own data.