Leaked Images Show Biden is Doubling Down on Border “Free For All”


New images obtained by Fox News Digital shed light on the Biden administration’s planned ID for illegal immigrants, and why they are issuing them. As usual there is mischief afoot and things are not as they appear/

Fox News, along with other outlets, reported last year on the ICE Secure Docket Card program, which Immigration and Customs Enforcement said will “modernize various forms of documentation provided to provisionally released noncitizens through a consistent, verifiable, secure card.”

The ICE Secure Docket Card program is part of a pilot program to modernize documentation

Migrants who arrive at the border illegally and are not removed but instead released into the interior are often given a number of documents depending on their situation. The images show a card with room for a photograph, oddly, a QR code and identifying information and security details, as well as the ICE logo in the top left corner. FOX News has video.

As one might expect with something called a “docket card,” the QR code will link to court documents. ICE called it a “consistent, verifiable, secure card” for “provisionally released noncitizens.” Such jargon always conceals mischief. In this case, “provisionally released noncitizens” means people who entered the United States illegally, but whom the government now allows to stay. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that 472,000 illegal immigrants from strife-riddled Venezuela would be eligible for Temporary Protection Status — i.e. protection from deportation — as well as work authorization. The Western Journal.

We have zero idea whether these QR codes will work and the migrants will follow a legitimate path to a Green Card. It is unlikely that the cartel members, human traffickers and terrorists will bother with them. Meanwhile the backlog for regular, legal migrants will be colossal.