Hunter: “My uncle’s BROTHER will be there”. House explodes in Impeachment Inquiry!


Watch this video of Nancy Mace doing the people’s business and not watching her mouth. She calls Democrat claims on the impeachment push ‘total bullshit’.


Impeachment inquiry releases Hunter Biden’s text messages to his Chinese energy company business partners saying his “Uncle’s Brother” [President Joe Biden] will be attending meetings.

President Biden’s brother, James Biden, told FBI agents that he and Hunter were trying to help this Chinese energy company purchase U.S. energy assets while they believed the company’s chairman was directly tied to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Rob Walker, a Biden business partner, also confirmed that President Biden attended a meeting with CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, who Hunter and James considered “a protégé of President Xi.”

The Bidens received millions from CEFC China Energy, including a million-dollar wire transfer from CEFC’s Patrick Ho, whom Hunter called “the spy chief of China,” after Ho was arrested by the DOJ for bribing African politicians with millions in cash for their countries’ oil rights.

Why did President Biden participate in business meetings aimed at financially enriching his family by selling U.S. energy assets to a Chinese energy company with direct ties to Chinese President Xi Jinping?