LOL! Look at Michelle’s piece of “pie”

Michelle Obama came from an affluent black Chicago family; got into the Ivy Leagues (probably through affirmative action, given the childishly poor quality of her bachelor’s thesis); obtained jobs for which she was not qualified and that required no work but nevertheless paid her very, very well; and ended up as America’s First Lady for eight years. Along the way, she and her husband amassed at least $70 million, a wealth package that includes three mansions, one in D.C., one in Martha’s Vineyard, and one in Hawaii. American Thinker

Last week she was paid more than $700,000 to give a one-hour speech on “diversity and inclusion” in Munich, Germany.

Obama, 59, was reportedly paid $741,000 for a one-hour speech she gave Monday at a tech fair, according to the Daily Mail. More than 5,000 people reportedly listened to her talk about the importance of “diversity and inclusion,” despite these types of policies utterly destroying every business and institution they’re used in.

Two sources close to the situation told the Daily Mail Obama was paid the eye-watering amount for her likely worthless speech.

“They really pulled out all the stops to get her,” one of the sources claimed. “It’s one of the highest fees that they have ever paid.”