Iman: “Islam is doing very well”


Mohammad Tawhidi, also known as the Imam of Peace, is an Australian Shia Muslim influencer and self-proclaimed “Imam”. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Global Imams Council, headquartered in the Islamic Seminary of Najaf, Iraq.

Tawhidi believes that Islam must be reformed in order to survive. He deems all acts of terrorism to be condemned in the Quran, and had denounced ISIS as an extremist body that did not represent the religion. 

In June 2017, after the jihadi terrorist attack in London, he described the branch as a “cancer” on the religion. He has been also critical of the treatment of women in Islamic countries, has called for the appointment of women to the Australian National Imams Council and rejected the use of hijab in public.Tawhidi also oppose Muslims justifying domestic violence, polygamy and the killing of apostates.

Unsurprisingly Tawhidi had very few supporters in the Muslim community. He is very interesting in this interview. Muslims are often painted as living in fractured communities and viewed as failed states. His point is clearly made: they are a great success story, especially in Europe.