Fire on the Hill! “Your day is coming, Mr. Wray.”


Salty day on the Hill yesterday!

The Republican chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security cut off his GOP colleague during a Wednesday hearing as Representative Clay Higgins hammered FBI Director Christopher Wray with questions about a Capitol Riot conspiracy theory. Higgins ran over his allowed time, a fact the Democrats pounced on.

Higgins, a former law enforcement officer, has appeared and spoken at events organized by anti-government militia groups and been a vocal proponent of the theory that federal agencies have attempted to arrest conservatives by provoking events like the Capitol Riot.

When Higgins asked to make a closing statement about his allegations that the FBI orchestrated the January 6, 2021, Capitol Riot, Green said to him, “No, I think your time is expired,” before allowing Higgins to make a final comment.

Higgins is seen as a conspiracy theorist – but as we’re all beginning to realize, there are fewer and fewer of these as time proves so many of them to be real.

His line to slippery Christopher Wray was full of promise: “Your day is coming, Mr. Wray.” Wouldn’t that be great?