Based Senator calls for another 40 to stand up and defeat Foreign Cromnibus

Can he pull this off? It means going up against the McConnell Blackmail machine. But what a victory it would be. We can only dream!

OK back to reality, we know the Swamp will send money to Ukraine to p*ss away on NATO approved weaponry, much of it manufactured by American arms manufacturers who have the Senate in their pockets.

Let’s face it, Ukraine has no troops left. No matter how much ordinance and materiel we send, they can’t use it. The rural troops are already dead and the urban men have left. They are now refusing to update passports at foreign consulates. To renew a Ukrainian passport one now has to return to Ukraine, where, if you are of fighting age (basically any age at this point) you are conscripted.

Russia has more troops now than it did at the start of the war. Russia is massive. It is self-sufficient. But it’s not big enough to take on the USA and any talk along those lines is BS. The left (Senator Mark Warner of Virginia is always touting this line) is scaring us with a vision of Putin paused to take on the world. This is wishful thinking. It has taken him two years fighting to fail in his goal of taking the Crimea and its warm water port. He will prevail in Ukraine – but that’s about the limit of his ability right now.

All this money and not one cent to secure our own border. House members waving the Ukrainian flag on the floor of Congress. How far we have fallen.

Bravo Mike Lee. Thank you for trying.